Special Bulletin: Hurricane Harvey-Affected College Students Need Your Help!

Thousands of college students are at risk of dropping out just as the academic year gets started. Why? Because Hurricane Harvey damaged or destroyed their family homes and businesses, leaving them and their parents unable to provide the funds they need to stay in school.

While such students can seek financial aid to replace lost family funding, there’s a problem — there may be little or no additional aid available. This is because many of these heretofore needy students have already received the maximum amount of federal and state aid allowed by law, and most colleges have already awarded 100% of their institutional grants and scholarships.

One-third of The University of Texas at Austin’s (UT’s) 51,000 students come from communities ravaged by Harvey. So UT has redirected $500,000 into scholarships to help meet their increased financial need. It’s also seeking matching contributions to make this $1 million.

And this is where you come in. Help UT’s Harvey-stricken students by making a tax-deductible contribution at hornraiser.utexas.edu. In doing so, you’ll provide much-needed financing to deserving but tapped-out young scholars so they can stay on-track toward earning their university degrees.

Want to help such students at other institutions? Pick one and search out its development web page. Even if it hasn’t posted anything specific about funds for students struggling in Harvey’s wake, you can usually make donations through that page. Typically, it’ll also allow you to specify that your donation fund scholarships for disaster-affected students. If not, mail your donation to the development office with written instructions.

And if helping needy collegians isn’t your thing, remember that preliminary estimates place the cost of Harvey’s damages at $150 to $180 billion. So make donations or do something, anything, to help the millions of Americans from Texas to Tennessee who are in distress due to this horrible storm. Thank you!

Contact College Affordability Solutions at (512) 355-5354 or collegeafford@gmail.com.

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