Let College Affordability Solutions Help You This Summer!

College Affordability Solutions is taking a bit of a break from writing it’s regular Wednesday morning blogs right now but, absent the emergence of a critically issue that needs to be rapidly addressed, we’ll start publishing them again on this website beginning August 19.

Meanwhile, our Topical Index has links to more than 100 articles on strategies for keeping the costs of a quality postsecondary education within your means. These include approaches you can implement before, during, and after college. Please feel free to review these articles for college affordability plans that’ll work for you.

And just because we’re taking a little break from writing doesn’t mean we’re unavailable to you right now. Remember, we never charge any students or their parents for consulting with them. So to schedule your consultation now, call us at (512) 366-5354 or email us at collegeafford.gmail.com. If we’re not immediately available, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to set up a time to talk.

Remember, despite the current public health emergency and economic crisis, you and your loved ones need all the education possible to prosper in and contribute to the knowledge-based 21st century. Let College Affordability Solutions help. Have a safe and healthy summer!