Before College: Information That’ll Help You Begin Investing for College

We told you last month that it’s never too early to start investing for college. But for many Americans, investing can be scary. They’re not sure how to begin and, not having much money to lose, they’re not sure how to minimize investing risks.

But a great article entitled Stuck with Investing? just came out. The author of this succinct, easy to read, and informative article is our colleague, Linda Matthew, the Accredited Financial Counselor who helps people manage their personal finances through her consulting firm, MoneyMindful.

Take a look at Stuck with Investing? It’ll help answer some of your key questions as you prepare to start investing for college — or anything else!

This fall, College Affordability Solutions is publishing a series of articles about strategies to include in Pre-College Finance Plans. Become a follower of our website to receive these articles, which will come out every Wednesday.

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