Code of Ethics

College Affordability Solutions adheres to the following code of ethics in working with its student, ex-student, and parent clients.

Be Confidential: Keep client identity and information private unless disclosure is authorized by them or required to comply with subpoenas or judicial orders.

Be Economical: Student, ex-student, and parent clients face steep expenses related to postsecondary learning and college borrowing, so do not add to their costs by charging them for advice, consultations, meetings, or other services.

Be Equitable: Apply this code uniformly to all clients regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Be Honest: Do not “game” clients with deceitful or misleading guidance. Likewise, do not help clients use false information to “game” the system in order to secure financial aid or other educational benefits and opportunities.

Be Independent: Strive to meet the needs of clients without regard to the interests of any college, university, lender, or other vendor of postsecondary education products and services.

Be Valuable: Offer all clients counsel, instruction, and other services that is genuinely worthwhile to them.