Code of Ethics

College Affordability Solutions adheres to a simple but strict code of ethics:

Independence: College Affordability Solutions works to meet the best interests of the clients who retain its services. If these clients are students or parents, it does not work in the interests of any college, university, or vendor of higher education products and services.

Confidentiality: College Affordability Solutions holds current and prospective client identity and other information in strict confidence unless disclosure is authorized by the client or required to comply with a subpoena or other judicial order.

Honesty: College Affordability Solutions does not condone or participate in “gaming the system” — i.e. using false or misleading information to take advantage of any scholarship or other educational benefits/financial aid programs. Similarly, College Affordability Solutions does not “game” its clients by giving them false or misleading advice.

Value: College Affordability Solutions makes every effort to offer reasonably priced and genuinely worthwhile services to those seeking to optimize college affordability.

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