Mission & Vision

Today the average cost of attending even a public 4-year college or university has risen to 43% of median household income and postsecondary educational loan debt averages more than $30,000 per student borrower. Small wonder America has a million less college students than it did a few years ago.

Sure, there are lots of financial aid programs out there. These programs can help if you know how to get and use them. But by themselves, they’re not necessarily adequate when it comes to making college affordable for students from low and middle-income families.

So what such students and their parents need to do is design and implement college affordability plans that fit their unique circumstances. These plans can be broken into three parts — before college, during college, and after colleges — and they include steps within each of these phases that’ll help make the price of a postsecondary degree lower and more manageable.

So the question is, what strategies should your family and student employ within its college finance plan? My mission is to provide answers to this question, and my vision is a nation full of higher education consumers whose college finance plans are highly effective.

College Affordability Solutions is an independent consulting practice not affiliated with any school, lending institution, or other vendor of postsecondary products and services. You can use it’s assistance at no-charge to make 40 years of experience in higher education and college finance work for you. Let me know how I can help you.

Tom Melecki, PhD
Founder, College Affordability Solutions

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