Mission & Vision

In the United States, the share of high school students earning diplomas is at an all-time high. Nevertheless, the numbers pursuing postsecondary degrees has declined each year since 2010. In this, the knowledge-based century, more than 1.2 million fewer students are enrolled in our colleges, universities, and trade and technical schools than eight years ago.

Why? Too many Americans are being priced out of learning after high school. One year at a public college or university averages 43% of median household income, and educational debt averages more than $30,000 per borrower.

Financial aid can help if you know how to get it. But it’s insufficient to cover the college costs of most low and middle-income students.

Students and parents also need to design and implement College Finance Plans that meet their unique circumstances. These plans can be broken into three phases — before, during, and after college — each including strategies to help make a quality postsecondary education more affordable.

The mission of College Affordability Solutions is to help families and students design College Finance Plans. It answers questions and helps them define their strategies. College Affordability Solutions’ vision is a nation in which postsecondary education is so affordable that enrollments rise each year, leading to a better and more secure life for all Americans.

Trying to figure out how to finance postsecondary learning for anyone from your newborn baby to your soon-to-be college graduate? Please let College Affordability Solutions help.

Tom Melecki, PhD
, Founder, College Affordability Solutions