Mission & Vision

College has always been costly. But today, when the average cost of attending even a public 4-year college or university has risen to 43% of median household income, it has become prohibitively expensive for all but the wealthiest families and students. Small wonder educational loan debt, which actually increases college costs, now averages more than $30,000 per student borrower.

Sure, there are lots of loan and other financial aid programs out there. But for these programs to be helpful, families need to know how to get them and students need to know how to use them.

Even with financial aid, The Atlantic magazine recently reported that “as many as 95 percent of colleges are completely unaffordable — and thus unavailable — for huge swaths of Americans.” But in the knowledge-based 21st century, education after high school is critically important both for today’s students and our nation as a whole.

So the question is, what strategies can every family and student employ so college will be affordable? My mission is to provide answers to this question, and my vision is a nation full of higher education consumers who know and use these answers.

College Affordability Solutions is an independent consulting practice not affiliated with any school, lending institution, or other vendor of postsecondary products and services. Through it, I put 40 years of experience in higher education and college finance to work for you, and you alone. I hope I can help you.

Tom Melecki, PhD
Founder, College Affordability Solutions

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